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Whether to set up a garden inside an apartment or to make an outdoor garden that is suitable for your region and your taste.

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BRL 200.00

Note: It is necessary to schedule the consultation according to the availability of the schedule






I got to know Botany when I was starting to have plants at home and it wasn't working out very well, so I decided to take a face-to-face class. Since then, my collection of plants and plants has grown about 5 times and this success has a lot to do with what I learned from her. I have already recommended Botany to some friends, even. Now in quarantine, I did the video consulting to ask questions about new plants I bought and it was great! I also love it when she warns on Instagram that the air is too dry, so I'll give my watering a little extra care. 

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I started taking care of plants last year and since then I have watched several videos and looked for a lot of information to understand a little better how to water, fertilize, prune, replant, etc. What I realized is that, in addition to doing a lot of wrong things (lol) there is a lot of content available, but a lot of things can't be applied. This filter is difficult for those who don't have much experience with plants (like me).

Pit helped me understand what I was doing wrong and how I could improve, as well as some techniques to make them even more beautiful. The great differential of the consultancy is that it gives specific guidelines about its plants, and not generic tips, and that changes everything.

Definitely, I trust and recommend! 🌱💚 (Paola Sanches)

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We started the pandemic with about half a dozen plants at home and today we have 54 pots with the most diverse types of plants. 🙏🏻🍀🌿🌱🌴 I think the isolation made some feelings come out, including the desire to make our home more alive and happy, and Pit helped us a lot with that. 💚💙 To keep a plant alive we need to give it the right amount of light and water ☀️💦, and this is something that differs from species to species, so she guided us in every detail. 

Our plants here at home are super happy, always in bloom and with a unique green, 🌵🌲 that's why I highly recommend having someone to consult and learn about this universe. Soon we intend to move to a place with a garden because of our dog, and we intend to take even more advantage of Pit's advice for Luna's better socializing with her little sister plants. 🏡🐶 (Paula and Gabriel Nadeu)

 Sobre a Pit

about the pit

I am a biologist and botanist graduated from UNESP.

I started working with botany while still in college. I worked  with seed germination - I really like to look at simple elements like soil, water

and seed to become a living being as exuberant and showy as a plant.

After graduating, I decided to teach people how to grow plants at home. At first, I did succulent cultivation and terrarium assembly workshops. Seeking to do something more complete, I started doing face-to-face consulting at people's homes. I would bring some materials and we would have a real practical class with

customer plants. The results were incredible.

With the pandemic, I switched consulting to the online model. This is how I can help many more people to make their forests indoors and the gardens of dreams. And that's how I'm going to help you too.

In addition, I do landscaping projects according to your region and personal taste. If your outdoor garden is having a lot of problems, I can help you too.

For now, it is not possible to do face-to-face consultations, but as soon as this difficult time passes, I will do them again.




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